Business Affairs

Account Funding

Receiving Account Balance:  
  • Email Revenue Coordinator, Brandon Ettelt, at
Receiving Monthly Statement:
  • Standard reports are made available at the end of each month.  These static reports capture data for a given month and service as snapshots of accounting activity at that point in time.  Reports are generated for General Fund Accounts with activity or non-General Fund accounts with a non-zero cash balance.  These reports include:
    • Operating Statement
    • Accumulated Operating Statement
    • Transaction Listing
    • Labor Operating Detail
  • These reports are made available to Account Fiscal Officers, Account Delegates, Account Managers and Account Supervisors within the first two business days following the end of a month.  If you like to be set up to receive these reports, please email Brandon Ettelt at  For more information, please click on  FMS Standard Reports.
  • Monthly statements for both IU and IU Foundation are also available upon request.  If you like to receive statements from the Business Office on a monthly basis, please email Revenue Coordinator, Brandon Ettelt at or call 812-856-4165.  Statements are received no later than the 15th of every month.
  • If you have any questions about account balances or need transaction information, please call Brandon Ettelt, Rashul Sartoris or Jill Piedmont for assistance.