Business Affairs


The IU Jacobs School of Music Facilities van is available to all departments within the School. The van can only be used for School business or School sponsored events.

Reservations must be made a minimum of three days before use, always remembering the reservation is on a first come, first served basis. The driver (whether faculty, staff, or student) must have a valid driver's license, already completed an "Authorization Form for Motor Vehicle Records Check", submitted to Risk Management fax (812) 855-9320, and been approved prior to requesting use of the van.

To ensure adequate time is given for the BMV records check, we recommend the completed form be submitted two weeks prior to requesting use of the van. If the department wishes an AI or GA to drive the van, the department must provide written authorization to Music Facilities (<>).

An Authorization Form for Vehicle Records Check can be found, completed, and sent by contacting Risk Management. Follow directions on the information bar to the left once on their website.