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Mail, Messages, Fax

Faculty members are assigned a mailbox located in the upper level of the mailroom, MU006A, adjacent to Clouse's Lounge on the ground floor in Merrill Hall and in the East Studio Building on the first floor.  When mail or parcels too large to be put into the mailboxes arrive, a notice will be put into the mailbox. This notice acts as the claim ticket and parcels may be picked up at the upper level mailroom door. If you wish to have a mailbox, send an email to with your name, department and building location. 

Official university correspondence can be mailed in MU006A without postage, but must have the department's account number written in the upper right hand corner of the envelope. Parcels directly related to university business can also be given to personnel in MU006A for mailing if they are fully labeled and sealed. Fax messages concerning official university business can be directed to the fax number in MU006A (812-855-4936). Similarly, outgoing official university messages can be sent on the same machine. 

Duplicating Services

Teaching-related materials (syllabi, bibliographies, assignments, tests and examinations) can be duplicated in the mailroom, MU006B. A photocopy machine is available in MU006B for the use of faculty, departmental clerical staff and associate instructors; most departments are allotted an individual copy card for duplication based on normal use. This copy card is to be used only for teaching materials and necessary university-related duplication. Quantities above 25, or orders having special requirements such as hole-punching or stapling, should be done by mailroom personnel. Request forms are available and the department billing number is required. There is a Ricoh copy machine in Merrill Hall – Clouse Lounge across from the mailroom that can be used to send print jobs directly to from your IU computer as well as make copies directly from the copy machine.  The Ricoh copy machine has the ability to scan and print in both color and black / white.  To retrieve your copies from the copy machine, you will need to log in using your Crimson Card (formally known as Campus Access). If you need a Crimson Card, you can get one by going to the IMU or the Learning Commons.  


Routine office supplies are available in the lower level of the mailroom. (A department billing number is required.) Larger supply and equipment requests over $50.00 will need to be pre-approved by the department chair, the fiscal officer and/or business manager before the purchase can be made.

Parking Permit

Departments are allowed to purchase parking permits for guests who will be visiting Indiana University using their department or IU Foundation account number.  Departments are restricted from purchasing a parking permit for any Indiana University employee.  Indiana University employees are to pay for their own parking permit.  

When requesting a parking permit, email the following information to Teresa Price at  Send requests 1 week prior to guest(s) arrival to allow time for the parking permit to be mailed to the Mailroom located in Clouse's Lounge.  

For places on where to park and to find other information regarding Parking Permits, please visit the Indiana Parking Operations web page at

  • Guest name(s)
  • Guest's home or business address
  • Reason for visit
  • Number of parking permits
  • Date(s) for when the guest will be visiting Indiana University
  • Department or Foundation acocunt number

You will receive an email letting you know the parking permit(s) have been requested.  After the parking permit(s) have arrived, you will receive another email letting you know that it ready for pick up.

Procurement Card Information
  • Email to request use of the Credit Card. Include the following information:
  • Contact Name
  • Date and Location of Pick-Up (Credit card can be picked up the Mailroom in Merrill Hall)
  • What will be purchased?
  • Purpose for use of the credit card (Explain the reason for using pcard vs other purchasing mechanisms)
  • Transaction amount (estimate if not known)
  • Account # to be charged
  • If you are purchasing food and/or drinks, a request to have a hospitality code must obtained prior to purchasing the food and/or drinks.  See Hospitality Request information below.
  • If you wish to keep the card out overnight, you must receive prior approval from either Michael Tani-Eston and/or Rashul Sartoris in an email.  Forward the approval email to for additional documentation.  

PCARD Important Reminders
  • Proper use of the PCard is very important. Please read the brief descriptions below for appropriate usage:
    Appropriate Purchases
  • One time purchases to suppliers that are not in Buy.IU
  • Suppliers that do not accept purchase orders (for example, web-based vendors)
  • Small dollar transactions under $1,000 and not on the “Not Appropriate” list (shown below)

    Not Appropriate Purchases
  • If purchase can be made in the Shop Contracts section of Buy.IU
  • If paying an IU department (payments to IU departments should be completed in KFS)
  • If items is listed on the Restricted List.
  • No apparel for JSoM programs / Promotional Items : contact JSoM Purchasing
  • No photography and/or videotaping services : contact JSoM Purchasing
  • Recurring monthly charges
  • Split or “stacked” transactions (dividing large purchases into smaller payments to avoid going over the limit.)
  • No purchases from Ebay or other auction web pages
  • No cell phones and/or SIM cards
  • No alcohol
  • No travel arrangements : contact JSoM Travel
Sales Tax

•    IU is tax exempt. The tax exempt number is 0003123294.  If you need a copy of the tax exempt form, you can request a copy of it by sending a

Hospitality Request 
  • Email with the following:
  • Contact Name for Event
  • Date and Time of Event
  • Event Location
  • Purpose of Event
  • Detailed number of Faculty, staff, and students attending event (please give number for each)
  • List of K-12 students attending the event
  • Transaction amount (estimate if not known)
  • Account # to be charged
  • List vendor(s) of where purchases will be made

                 *****Note: Email must be received PRIOR to the event. Please allow 3-7 days for approval*****
•    Indiana University Hospitality Policy can be found at:  

Questions or Concerns?  Send an email to or call at 812-855-1584.

Teresa Price
Operations Office Coodinator
Merrill Hall Rm 006
Phone: 812-855-1584

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 12pm and 1pm-5pm