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How to Schedule a JSoM Event

Please note: This page is for instructions on how faculty and staff can schedule any type of event, such as a Faculty Recital, Guest Recital/Masterclass, Studio/Class Recital, ensemble concert, chamber music concert, etc.; as well as how a student representative can schedule an event for their Self-Governed Student Organization. If you are a student scheduling a recital, please see How to Schedule a Recital.

The following are the basic steps to scheduling and planning a Jacobs School event. Below, we will go into detail about each of these steps.

  1. Plan the date/time/location with the Scheduling Office
  2. PCC review
  3. Schedule dress rehearsal (Scheduling Office)
  4. Submit program (Music Program Office)
  5. Request any technical needs
    1. Audio needs: Department of Audio Engineering and Sound Production
    2. Projector needs: Music ITS and Recital Setup
    3. Any other technical needs: ask us and we’ll point you in the right direction

(1) In order to request an event, first you’ll work with us at the Scheduling Office to find an available location, date, and time for the event. Feel free to e-mail us, call us, or stop by our office in MU116 anytime during business hours. We’ll help to ensure that we find a time that won’t conflict with other events that might have overlapping audiences or participants. Please note that all events are subject to deadlines each semester. This is to preserve hall space toward the end of the semester, in order to ensure that we are able to accommodate enough student recitals in the halls. 

Please take a look at the relevant deadline before you come to us to set up your event. These are all listed at the Scheduling Office website here:

Please also note additional policies governing faculty/guest recitals here:

Self-Governed Student Organizations (SGSOs): Please familiarize yourself with the JSoM Policy for Self-Governed Student Organizations. Among other issues, this policy stipulates that you may only schedule a concert starting in the second week of the semester in question.


(2) Once we find a date/time/location that works, we’ll submit the event for review by the PCC Agenda Subcommittee. This process is to ensure that everything goes smoothly, by allowing more faculty and staff with different perspectives to look for possible problems with the scheduling. (Example: the committee always has a representative from the Department of Audio Engineering and Sound Production, who might catch possible conflicts in recording personnel and equipment needs between concerts, which we might not foresee in the Scheduling Office.) If the committee sees any concerns or has a question, we will reach out to you; if no issues are apparent, your event will be approved and you will be notified via e-mail.

When you receive notification that your event is approved, you will then be able to do the following:


Technical Needs

(6) Technical needs could involve any kind of audio needs (amplification, monitors, audio playback), projection screen, podium, microphones, etc. You should be thinking about technical needs already when first planning the event and figuring out the date/time/location. Once the event is approved, you can request these technical needs from the relevant departments and offices.

For use of projection systems, contact both Music ITS ( for help with the technology, and Andy Stoute ( in Recital Setup to plan for help setting up and putting away the screen.

For audio support, including concert recording and/or sound reinforcement, and recording sessions, requests must be made through the Audio Engineering and Sound Production Department’s Recording Services website:

As a general reference, the scope of audio support is divided into four basic categories:

  • Small needs: 3 mics/inputs or less, and no monitors
  • Medium needs: anything with 1 or 2 monitor mixes and 4-8 inputs
  • Large needs: Anything larger than medium needs
  • AE&SP departmental collaboration: event request must include a confirmed AE&SP faculty sponsor (this includes performances and recording sessions)

While all requests for audio support must be made no less than two weeks prior to your event, we request that ‘medium needs’ be requested 3-4 weeks in advance, and ‘large needs’ be made 6 weeks or more in advance. As a general rule, if you want to best ensure complete support for your event, reach out to Recording Services as soon as possible with your general scope, and continue to communicate as specifics develop. These are only general guidelines, so please familiarize yourself with the specific information about recordings and sound reinforcement here:

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