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AMP: Alumni Mentorship Project

AMP Logo"AMP is a learning and knowledge exchange program that actively engages students, departments, and alumni.”

The Alumni Mentorship Project (AMP), a program offered by the Office of Entrepreneurship and Career Development, is a collaborative effort between current students and Jacobs School of Music alumni that explores the ever-changing landscape of the professional music field. The program provides a platform for the sharing of opportunity, networking, and relationship building between members of the Jacobs community in varying stages of professional life.

What is the Process?

1) Faculty nominate students from their department who demonstrate the following:

  • Dedication to musical excellence and a career-driven mentality. 
  • Interest in the professional experience of the alumnus/alumna
  • Desire and need to network within the profession
  • On the cusp of launching their career or show significant aptitude for success
  • Self-aware enough to share their own knowledge and experience
  • Open to new ideas, respectful, curious, and willing to listen

2) Nominated students go through an application process

3) Student-alumni pairs connected through our online management system.

4) Student-alumni pairs meet in person, video chat, or talk over the phone for a minimum of two hours.

5) Student-alumni pairs participate in a survey to evaluate and improve the program.

Who are the Alumni?

Students and faculty will have access to a roster of mentors on our website involved in the project and will be asked to identify mentors they have a particular interest in working with if applicable. AMP curates a list of mentors who embody these qualities:

  • Superior professional knowledge, understanding, and insight within a particular field
  • Proven success in that field
  • Desire to give back in time, enthusiasm, and expertise
  • Visionary, with a wealth of experience
  • Mindful of the complexity of an emerging professional’s early career path

For additional information, please contact the AMP Team at jsomentr@indiana.edu.