Instrument Rental

Equipment Check-in

The due date for the Spring Semester is Friday, May 1st.

Guidelines for Equipment Return (Please read further details here.)

  • The Instrument Rental Office is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. Please plan to drop off your borrowed item during these hours. Plan ahead.
  • Please bring all items to MA410 and not to another office.
  • Please do not leave the items outside MA410 if the office is closed.
  • Only the borrower should be returning the borrowed item. Please do not ask someone else to turn the instrument in for you. Plan ahead.
  • If you are sharing an item with another student or students, it is your responsibility to check with them before turning the item in.  The last one needing the instrument should turn it in for all involved.
  • The borrowed item is still in your care until you leave it with one of the Instrument Rental Office staff members
  • Borrowed string bass and tuba lockers and trunks must be renewed or relinquished at the end of each rental period. Please clean out the locker and return the lock if you no longer need the locker or trunk.
  • All instruments should be brought to the Instrument Rental Office along with the lock from the locker.
  • Make sure you remove all of your personal items from the case and locker before returning the instrument.
  • Please clean (mouthpiece!) and wipe the instrument down before returning it. Rags and cleaning needs are available in MA410. You will be asked to clean the instrument in MA410 if the instrument has finger prints, rosin or other removable marks left on it.  A cleaning fee will be assessed if you choose not to clean the instrument.
  • If there are any repairs that need to be done on the instrument (even if they are not absolutely necessary but would make the instrument play better) please mention this when turning it in or leave a note with the instrument.
  • If you finish with the instrument before the due date please feel free to bring it in early. This will make the load lighter during the last week of classes.
  • Failure to comply with above guidelines will result in fines.
  • If you have any questions regarding any of this information please call us at (812) 855-8720, send an e-mail message to inrental @ or stop by MA410.  It’s always better to ask then to keep us guessing!

Fee list

  • Failure to comply with any part of contract = $60
  • Lost combination lock = $50
  • Lost keyed lock = $30
  • Lost or damaged instrument or accessory = dependent upon value of item and/or damage done
  • Late return of item = $60 + $1 per calendar day per item
  • Instrument cleaning = $10-50 depending on size and condition of item
  • Locker cleaning = $10-20 depending on condition of locker