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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I request a Group Account at Indiana University?

A: To request a group account go to and select Manage My IU Computing Accounts. Then follow these instructions found at the IU Knowledge Base.

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Q:  How do I access the room scheduling for Jacobs School of Music classrooms?

A:  The Scheduling Office  (musched [at] indiana [dot] edu) handles all of the room and performance hall scheduling in the JSoM.  You can view classroom availabilty using Ad Astra.
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Q: How can I share files with other users?

A: IU has implemented an IU Box service:

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Q: How can I access my email from home?

A: Email is most easily accessed remotely via web browsers.

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Q: How do I login to Windows PCs in the Jacobs School of Music?

A: When you sit down at a Windows computer in your office at JSoM, you'll see a login prompt. To log in, you need an ADS Domain account. To log into the computer, follow the instructions below:

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del.
  2. In the "Username" field, type your username.
  3. In the "Password" field, type the password for your ADS Domain account. Unless you've changed it, this is the same password for your IU network password (probably the same as your IU email password).
  4. Make sure the third line selection is "ADS"
  5. Click OK.

Note: If you get an error message, you may have typed your username or password incorrectly. Repeat the login process. If you're still unable to log in, you may not have an ADS Domain account or the password is incorrect. Please call 855-7832 or 855-6789 for more help.

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Q:  What should I do if my computer keeps locking up?  

A:  Computers and their various programs sometimes freeze.  Don't panic.  It is best if you save all current programs frequently. If your computer freezes press Ctrl-Alt-Del and attempt to log off. If you are able, Re-Logging in to your computer should fix the problem.

If that doesn't fix the problem, try Restarting your computer.  If your computer keeps locking up on a certain program, you should report it to MITS by sending an email to musicits [at] indiana [dot] edu.

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Q: When should I restart my computer (Start – Shutdown and choose Restart)?

A: Restart your computer if:

  • You are experiencing computer lockups.
  • The computer is running noticeably slow
  • You see your Norton Antivirus shield (bottom right) with a red circle around it.

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Q: What do I do if my email is over quota?

A: Do one or all of the following

  • Clean out your deleted items
  • Save large attachment files to your computer and delete the message
  • Create an archive file. See the tutorial entitled: Setting up an Archive Folder in Outlook (pdf)

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Q: How do I check my print quota (for printing in UITS STC facilities)?

A: Point your browser to:

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Q: My hard drive is getting full. What can I do to free up space?

A: You can move your files to IU Box

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Q: Does MITS have any portable equipment that I can take to a non-equipped room or to a conference?

A: Yes, MITS has the following that can be reserved by sending an email to: musicits [at] indiana [dot] edu.

  • 4 projectors (connect to laptops using HDMI or VGA)
  • 4 PC Laptops
  • 2 MAC Laptops
  • USB webcam
  • USB microphone
  • Audio recorders

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Q: Why isn't my phone working?

A: If your phone is not working please check the following:

  • Is Lync up and running on the computer? If not, please open Lync and log in. 
  • Restart your computer. Sometimes Lync, or the phone, will need a full restart if the computer has been left on for an extended period of time.

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Q: Why isn't my printer working?

A: There are many reasons why your printer might not work, but the ways to fix it are generally simple.

Some general tips to try when your printer is not working, before calling for tech support:

  • Check the paper tray to make sure there is paper.
  • Check the paper tray to make sure there is NOT too much paper.  The tray should be about half full of paper.
  • Make sure you are using the correct printer paper.  You can get your printer paper from Gina in the Mailroom.
  • Check to be sure the paper tray is completely closed.
  • Turn the printer off and back on.
  • If you are printing a very large document, print the document in three to four pages at a time instead of all the pages at one time.
  • Verify the printer cable is plugged into the back of the printer.

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Q: Why aren't my shortcuts to the server, or open recent files working?

A: If your desktop shortcuts to files and folders are not working, you will have to re-create the shortcuts. Right click and drag the file or folder from your groups or user folder on the new server to your desktop, release the mouse and choose “Create shortcut here”.  DO NOT COPY the file or folder.

If you use the open recent feature in opening databases or files, that will no longer work since those recent files are pointing to our old file server.  You will have to re-open each file and those will be saved to your recent list.

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Q: Why does "Login Keychain" keep asking for my password?

A: If your login password becomes different than the one your Mac has stored than you may get several messages asking for your "Login Keychain". If you change your IU passphrase you will need to let your Mac know. Please follow the instructions located on this PDF to get your passphrases located in Keychain access and on your IU account to match.

Q: Is my laptop encrypted?

A: Whole disk encryption is required for all faculty, staff, affiliates, and student-employees who choose to use a mobile computing device, regardless of who owns the device, to access, store, or manipulate institutional data. To verify if your computer is encrypted please refer to this IU KB article:

Q: What actions can I take to ensure data security?

A: Follow these general actions to ensure data security:

Q: What is Duo Authentication at IU?

A: Duo Authentication is a two-factor system that provides a secure login method for certain systems at Indiana University. Online resources about Duo can be found here. You can enroll a number of ways: