Music IT Services

Music Information Technology Services (MITS) supports day-to-day technical operations for faculty, students, and administration of the Jacobs School of Music. This includes network infrastructure, desktop support and help desk, database, website development and maintenence, faculty curricular development, and classroom technology and public lab support.

Working with the Instructional Technology Policy Committee (ITPC) we encourage the strategic use of technology to support the artistic and educational objectives of the Jacobs School of Music, and research the role of technology in the music profession.

The mission of Music Information Technology Services is provide a robust, reliable, and secure information technology infrastructure to the Jacobs School of Music community in order to provide both direct and indirect services that support the School's mission.

The following goals are in support of this mission:
  • Provide information technology planning, development and leadership to the JSoM community.
  • Provide direct support to faculty, staff, administrators and students in their use of information technology in their work at the JSoM.
  • Disseminate information to the JSoM community about the systems and services provided to maximize the effectiveness to the JSoM.
  • Investigate new technologies; identify those that will benefit the JSoM; implement them in the most appropriate and effective manner; provide ongoing support throughout the useful lifetime of each technology.
  • Whenever possible integrate with and exploit the robust technology infrastructure provided by University Information Technology Services and other University and Campus technology support units and promote and develop partnerships.
  • Maintain a well-trained and professional staff by providing appropriate professional growth and educational opportunities and interaction with other IT professionals through organization and meeting participation.

We welcome your feedback and encourage suggestions for improvement and additions to our services. Please feel free to email Phil Ponella, Director of Music Information Technology Services (pponella [at] indiana [dot] edu ) with any comments.