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Below are online resources for instruction and instructional technology at Indiana University (IU). The majority are drawn from the numerous Teaching Resources developed by IU's Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL).

Note that this page is far from exhaustive, instead collating resources relevant to the teaching activies of Jacobs School of Music (JSoM) faculty and instructors. Please contact sebiscig [at] indiana [dot] edu if there is anything you would like to see added to this page.

The information is divided into General instructor resources and Specific instrutor resources.

General instructor resources

Helpful Links for New Instructors
IT email lists: CITL Friends, The Monitor, and LearningTechnologies-L
  • CITL Friends announces upcoming CITL events and deadlines; they limit activity to about one message per week.
  • The Monitor focuses on general IT issues at IU.
  • LearningTechnologies-L makes announcements about IU's supported teaching technologies.
Technology and course accessibility
Learning technologies at IU Bloomington
Teaching with Technologies at IU
Classroom technology
  • Follow the link for Music Information Technology Services's (MITS) description of JSoM classroom technologies.
  • CITL provides a list of active learning classrooms in the broader IUB campus.
    • Contains information for instructors wishing to teach in these specially designed, technology-rich classrooms.

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Specific instructor resources

Video conferencing for instruction (e.g., remote lessons, master classes, lectures)
  • Using Zoom on a studio/office computer might be sufficient for your video-conferencing needs.
  • Distance learning spaces in the Simon Music Building:
    • Simon M285 is a distance-learning seminar room equipped with a video-conferencing codec enabling remote participants to join a class or lecture.
    • Simon M361 is a recording studio equipped with a video-conferencing codec specially configured for high-quality audio transmission. This location is used for videconferences with a significant musical component (e.g., remote masterclasses).
    • Contact musicits [at] indiana [dot] edu if you are interested in using either space.
Video-capture technologies (record lessons, master classes, lectures)
  • Quicktime (Mac) and Movie Maker (PC) might be sufficient for your needs.
  • IU has adopted Kaltura as a video-management system. It facilitates the storage of video content and allows for embedding clips in Canvas Pages.
    • Be aware: embedding media stored in Kaltura in a webpage makes that content publicly accessible to the entire world. Thus only embed video content that is not under copyright.
    • Consult this resource before assuming you are covered by fair use. And if you're still unsure, contact nazapant [at] indiana [dot] edu(Naz Pantaloni) for clarification.
  • In certain instances, video content can be hosted on IU's Media Collections Online. Contact musicits [at] indiana [dot] edu to enquire if your content is eligible for inclusion in Media Collections Online.
Effectively using videos in the college classroom
  • The techniques in this article apply to using sound recordings in music courses (e.g., circulating questions to focus students' listening).
Getting started with Canvas
Flipping the class
  • A primer on this pedagogical approach in which technology allows students to cover content outside of class time.
Podcasting for instruction
Developing Online Courses
  • Teaching Online Series
    • Self-paced Canvas course from IU for those interested in developing online courses.
    • Contains 5 modules on the following topics, geared towards online instruction: Learning Outcomes, Assessment, Activities, Content, Online Presence, Management.
  • Online Course Basics series
    • Five workshops from CITL on developing and teaching online courses.

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