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As of Fall 2016, OnCourse will be retired at Indiana University and officially replaced by the Canvas Learning Management System. The Knowledge Base contains detailed information on the OnCourse retirement timeline. Most importantly, faculty and instructors at IU will continue to have read-only access to OnCourse through August 31, 2017, with access to the system effectively shut off for faculty on September 1, 2017.

If there is OnCourse content and data that you wish to retain, you currently have two options: exporting content to your local computer and migrating content to Canvas. These options are not mutually exclusive, and you can export / migrate as many times as you like while the functionalities are available.

If you have any questions about the following or would like help, don't hesistate to contact sebiscig [at] indiana [dot] edu(Sebastian Bisciglia).

Exporting OnCourse content

The goal of exporting is to get copies of OnCourse content onto your computer. Exporting is possible throughout the read-only phase of OnCourse retirement. While the content of several OnCourse tools may be exported, as detailed here, exporting is advisable when:

  1. it is the only option available for retaining the particular content (e.g., Gradebook), or
  2. you do not plan to use the exported content in a Canvas site.

If you plan to use your exported content in a Canvas course, you'll need to import it into the target course site, for instance by uploading files, importing a quiz, and so on. If getting the exported content into Canvas is your ultimate goal, migration is a better option.

Migrating OnCourse content to Canvas

Migration allows you to copy over most instructional material from one OnCourse site into a practice Canvas site with just a few clicks. Migration is achieved via the Canvas Migration tool, which is accessible in OnCourse through February 2017 only. Migrating content from OnCourse to Canvas has three broad steps:

  1. Initiating the migration within an OnCourse site via the Canvas Migration tool,
  2. Vetting and possibly fixing the content migrated from OnCourse into the practice Canvas site, and
  3. Copying the vetted / fixed content from the practice site into the official, registrar-generated Canvas site.

This guide further breaks down the three steps of content migration.