Faculty Resources

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty members are expected to fulfill all their teaching responsibilities and to give grades promptly. They are also expected to attend all departmental faculty meetings, auditions, assigned juries, upper division examinations, recital hearings, performer’s certificate hearings, special hearings and exams as determined by the department chair, and graduate exams.

Faculty members also engage in appropriate research and creative activity, and contribute to the school through service on various groups. At Indiana University, the balance of these responsibilities for tenured and tenure-track faculty is 40% research/creative activity, 40% teaching, and 20% service. For non-tenure track faculty, teaching is the primary responsibility, supported by creative activity and service.

In addition, each year the dean convenes at least one general meeting of the entire faculty (usually held on the evening before the first day of classes). All faculty members are expected to attend this meeting, and it is strongly recommended that their return to campus be scheduled for orientation week, the week prior to the beginning of classes.

Research/Creative Activity

Research and creative activity in music takes many forms. The Jacobs School of Music celebrates the national and international involvement of its faculty in scholarly conferences, performances, competition judging, premieres of compositions, prestigious arts organizations, and many other sorts of professional activities. Faculty are also encouraged to share their creative work with the campus and community.


The Jacobs School of Music enjoys a national reputation for excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to studio and classroom teaching, faculty are also involved in a wide variety of coaching and mentoring activities.

Studio and Classroom Matters
Examinations and Assessments


Service responsibilities provide faculty with a voice to shape the success of their departments, the Jacobs School of Music as a whole, and the campus and university. They also allow faculty opportunities to connect with colleagues in various disciplines within and outside the school.