Faculty Resources

Recruitment of Students

Next to the quality of the faculty, the quality of the students attracted to the Jacobs School of Music is the most important factor in maintaining the school's excellent reputation. The national and international renown of the faculty in scholarship and performance is probably the most effective element in attracting outstanding students. As competition for these students becomes keener, however, each of us should take it as a personal responsibility to be active in finding appropriate applicants to our programs.

As described above, an excellent candidate in any degree program is one who has a variety of characteristics: musical, intellectual, and personal. It is also the case that a school of music as large and complex as ours requires careful balance among instruments and voices, undergraduates and graduates, in-state students and those from out of state, domestic and international students, and many other factors that must enter into an admission decision. Therefore, it is extremely important that all admissions decisions be made through the Office of Music Admissions and Financial Aid (JS100). Individual faculty members should not promise admission to any student, no matter how likely a candidate. The director of music admissions and financial aid will be happy to work with you in identifying and recruiting excellent students. All auditions for entrance in a Jacobs School of Music program should be recorded on an Audition/Interview form to be returned to the music admissions office, even when they have been directly arranged between the student and the faculty. The Admissions Committee requests that each department use the rating system indicated on this form for consistency in admission and financial aid decisions. Comments about the applicant and the audition/interview performance are considered vital for the committee's understanding of the applicant and the level of enthusiasm from the faculty about each applicant. An indication of your willingness to take a student into your studio is required before the committee reviews each file. The Admissions Committee also requests that at least three faculty members who can provide comments about the applicant and his/her abilities be present at each audition.

Involvement in the selection of prospective students is one of the most important services faculty members can provide the Jacobs School of Music, given how much is riding on our ability to judge potential. Because the dynamic of an auditioning committee can be greatly changed by the absence of an individual member, we should all make every effort to attend auditions, giving particular attention to the scheduled weekends selected by the Admissions Committee. If a conflict arises and you are unable to participate, the dean should receive written notification explaining the situation. All efforts in assuring that we present our most positive and professional attributes to prospective students, their parents, and their teachers are appreciated. Regardless of the academic and musical qualifications of our prospective students, we must assure a positive and productive auditioning environment for each. Effort in this regard will reflect well on our values as an institution and will resonate far beyond those who attend the audition weekends.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid Policies

The Office of Music Admissions and Financial Aid (JS100) is the source to which students and faculty should go for information concerning financial aid from the Jacobs School of Music. The school administers merit-based aid in four different categories: scholarships, associate instructorships, graduate assistantships, and graduate fellowships.