Faculty Resources

Independent Studies and Graduate Committees

Supervision of undergraduate and graduate independent study and advising of graduate theses, dissertations, and final projects are not counted formally as a portion of the teaching load of faculty members; they are, however, considered an important academic responsibility and are taken into account in terms of salary setting and in the evaluation of faculty for the purposes of promotion and tenure. Such activities are therefore required and should be fully documented and included in an annual report submitted via Digital Measures Activity Insights. Serving as a director of research for a graduate student's doctoral dissertation or as a member of a doctoral research or advisory committee is one of the most significant academic responsibilities a faculty member can undertake.

It is anticipated that faculty will interact with their students on matters of curricular planning and career advising, but they are strongly encouraged to direct students to staff in the Music Undergraduate Office, Music Graduate Office, and Office of Entrepreneurship and Career Development as appropriate.