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JSoM Free Week Policy

Since 1980 the Bloomington Faculty Council has mandated that no major or final examinations should be administered during the final week of classes in the fall and spring semesters (the so‐ called “Free Week,” constituting the Monday‐through‐Saturday week of classes immediately preceding the final exam week). The policy in the Bloomington Academic Guide (Policy H‐29) reads as follows:

No major or final examination, except for practical tests at the end of laboratory periods, may be required during the last week of class.

The Office of the Registrar contains the same policy and adds: Paper projects may be due only if assigned well in advance. (http://enrollmentbulletin.indiana.edu/pages/finexpol.php?Term=2

For many years the Jacobs School has limited performing ensemble activities and/or other major events during Free Week to a concert by the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Singing Hoosiers’ “Chimes of Christmas” during the fall semester, and to a concert by the Philharmonic in the spring semester.

The administrative committee recommends that the JSoM Free Week policy be relaxed to the extent of allowing any ensemble concert and/or other major event to be scheduled on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Free Week, but not on any day later than Wednesday during Free Week, subject to the following restrictions:

  • The performance scheduled during Free Week shall not count as a final exam or carry any greater weight in the determination of a student’s final grade than any other performance during that semester
  • Only regularly‐scheduled rehearsals for Free Week concerts shall take place, including dress rehearsals that are listed on the schedule at the start of the semester; no additional or extra rehearsals may be scheduled
  • Students enrolled in an ensemble that plans a Free Week concert shall be informed of the event at the beginning of the semester, and the Free Week event shall be listed in the course syllabus distributed at the beginning of the semester

(Approved by the School of Music Council on March 27, 2014)