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From the time of appointment to a tenure track position, faculty members are eligible to apply for a sabbatical leave within every seven-year period of service. The purpose of the sabbatical is to provide concentrated time for research/creativity activity which will eventually benefit the university in terms of enhanced teaching and reputation of its faculty. Sabbaticals can be taken for one semester at full pay or for two semesters at half pay. Application for sabbatical leave must be made in the fall of the year prior to that in which the sabbatical is planned and must contain a proposal for the project to be undertaken during the leave. Sabbatical projects are reviewed by a university-wide committee, and approval is not automatic; ultimate approval of the sabbatical leave is based upon both the quality of the proposal and the ability of the school to accommodate the individual's teaching and service responsibilities. Applications for sabbatical leave are available from the Office of the Dean of the Faculties, Bryan Hall 111, and online at their Forms & Applilcations page.

Because the School of Music operates within difficult space limitations, faculty members on sabbatical leave must be prepared to relinquish their studios or offices for the period of the leave.

The policy below was approved in October 2005 for divided sabbatical leaves, beginning with leaves approved for fall 2006.

  • Faculty approved for a one-semester sabbatical leave at full pay may take it as a full-semester leave, or may divide the leave into two parts.
  • Full-year sabbatical leaves at half pay may not be divided.
  • For purposes of a divided one-semester sabbatical leave, the Office of the Dean of the Faculties defines the total number of days that may be taken as a leave as eighty (80) non-weekend days.
  • The one-semester sabbatical may be divided into two separate periods of leave, each period to be forty (40) consecutive non-weekend days.
  • Both parts of the sabbatical leave must be scheduled and completed within an 18-month period, counting from the beginning of the semester of the academic year in which the first period of sabbatical leave has been scheduled
  • Consistent with policies governing all forms of sabbatical leave for Indiana University faculty on 10-month appointments, no portion of a divided sabbatical leave may take place outside the regular fall and spring semester.