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Jacobs School of Music Policy for Hiring Faculty Based on Tested Experience

The Jacobs School of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). The 2015-16 NASM Standards Handbook (Standards for Accreditation II E, 3-4 addresses standards for faculty as follows:

3. NASM recognizes the availability of doctorates for specialists in performance, composition, and some other applied disciplines. At the same time, the Association recognizes that some highly qualified practitioners may hold other academic degrees; others may not hold any academic degrees. In such cases, the institution should base appointments on experience, and expertise at least equivalent to those required for the master’s degree in music or another appropriate field.

4. Academic degrees are a pertinent indicator of the teacher’s qualifications for instructing theoretical, historical, and pedagogical subjects. Creative work, research, and publication are indicators of a teacher’s qualifications, productivity, professional awareness, and contribution to various aspects of music and music-related fields.

The Jacobs School of Music considers as tested experience creative activity, expertise, ability, and talent validated through at least one of the following as documented on the teacher’s CV: wide critical and public acclaim, peer  review, publication, or record of accomplishment in the field.

This policy does not apply to instructors who work under the direct supervision of a faculty member.

[Approved by the School of Music Council on March 9, 2017.]