IU's Marching Hundred Receives Half-Million-Dollar Gift for New Practice Facility 

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Music Library

Giving to the William and Gayle Cook Music Library means keeping alive the genius of past masters so their insights can educate, instruct, and inspire today's performers and music scholars. Containing treasures such as original, annotated scores by historic composers, early string music from the 1600s, and the entire contents of Leonard Bernstein's studio, the Music Library connects today's students and scholars to the rich traditions that make music so potent and meaningful.

Music LibraryWithin this library, musicians have access to sheet music, recordings, writings, and other outstanding resource materials unavailable anywhere else. It is here that Jacobs School musicians come to comprehend the history that preceded them, and gain a depth of understanding that translates into vastly more powerful artistry.

The present challenge for the Music Library, however, is to continue to serve its unique purpose on the Indiana University campus despite sweeping changes to the means of information delivery within academia. The Jacobs School faces considerable difficulties in maintaining the distinctive and exceptional character of this revered resource if present university-wide trends continue towards digitization and online-only collections.

We must look to our visionary donors to consider the future of the William and Gayle Cook Music Library. There are a number of possibilities for preserving the library's unique character and role. Please contact us to find out how you can protect this most precious and cherished resource.

School Programs

As the Jacobs School boldly pursues its goal of becoming the first 21st century school of music, new priorities emerge that are focused on engaging with musicians and audiences in all stages of life.

Violin Kid

One of our most critical opportunities centers on introducing young people to the possibilities and the power of music. These school programs, however, are a world apart from the "music appreciation" lectures of yesteryear. Instead, our innovative engagement projects use the medium of music to teach critical developmental skills in math and language arts. Games and exercises involving notes and instruments offer an eclectic and engrossing means of addressing state standards for academic progress.

The Fairview Violin Project, which provides onsite classes for 1st and 2nd grade students in a low-income district, has had tremendous success not only in helping children discover a love of music, but also encouraging early literacy and math skills. Moreover, the large numbers of Jacobs School students involved in the project are learning how to teach, connect, inspire, and lead using the power of music.

We now have several similar projects underway in a number of Indiana schools. As we seek to expand these exciting and valuable programs, we are in great need of donor support to cover the costs of instruments, materials, transportation, and teacher salaries. Please consider becoming a part of these transformative projects through a targeted gift to these programs. Contact us to learn how you can help music be a vehicle for all types of learning.


Space is often the single limiting factor preventing the Jacobs School from pursuing meaningful new programs and projects. Music and ballet are space-intensive fields, requiring ample and often specialized facilities for practice, performing, teaching, and recording. Particularly for ensembles, such as orchestras, choirs, and chamber groups, space needs can be severely constraining. It is not uncommon for students to practice at 2 o'clock or 3 o'clock in the morning, simply because there is no other time during which the space is free.

Donors who contribute toward Jacobs School facilities are rewarded by seeing those new spaces immediately fill with around-the-clock activity. Whether it's a recital hall, classroom, practice space, or recording studio, space for creative work is at such a premium that its maximization is guaranteed.

Likewise, rehabilitation and upgrades of existing facilities are top priorities for the Jacobs School. New technologies promise exciting opportunities to create innovative works, collaborate with artists in other media, and engage with audiences all around the world.

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Designating a gift to expand or improve the Jacobs School facilities means, quite literally, making room for musical excellence. Contact us to discuss how transformative and far reaching these gifts can be.