Opera Illinois League Scholarship

The Opera Illinois League is based in Peoria, Illinois. The League is dedicated to preserving professional opera as a vibrant part of the American cultural scene, and to furthering the interest, understanding, and enjoyment of opera in the central Illinois community. It presents house concerts, holds annual fundraisers, and provides its members with opportunities to attend operas in cities throughout the Midwest.

The Illinois Opera League grew out of the Illinois Opera Company, offering day trips to grand operas performed in Indianapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis that included tickets, transportation, and meals. The League is responsible for producing annual dinner concerts in downtown Peoria, offering "opera previews" of the telecasted New York Metropolitan Opera's productions, and encouraging young students to attend opera events by subsidizing their tickets.

Their focus on young students reaches Peoria and Illinois, but also all the way to the Jacobs School of Music. The Jacobs School is honored to receive annual scholarship funds from the Opera Illinois League in support of our promising voice students.