Jack and Marilyn Moore Graduate Flute Fellowship

The Jack and Marilyn Moore Graduate Flute Fellowship was established by Marilyn Moore as a surprise for her husband. The Moore's are formerly from Elkhart, Indiana, and work together in flutemaking and distribution.

Jack Moore began his schooling as an instrument maker when he was still young, and after school would go to the Armstrong factory, where his father worked. He assisted his father as he produced components for instruments, and contributed to the family income. Moore continued to work at Armstrong, and became the foreman of the Armstrong Heritage Division, the division in which Heritage flutes were built. In this position, he felt that he was too engaged in administrative and managerial issues, detracting him from his flutemaking, and when the opportunity rose to go work for himself, he took it.

His flutemaking was influenced by the British flutist, William Bennett, and Bennett's use of the scale, headjoint development, and other aspects of flutemaking. Moore is well respected for his craft, and known to be able to build anything. Due to his craftsmanship, his flutes are in high demand. Currently, in his retirement, Moore builds approximately one flute a month, and works a few hours a day. Marilyn Moore manages the Jack Moore flute operation.

The Jacobs School of Music is honored to award the Jack and Marilyn Moore Graduate Flute Fellowship to graduate students majoring in flute performance at the Jacobs School.