Georgia Wash Holbeck Fellowship in Voice

Georgia Catherine Wash Holbeck was born and raised in the rural, rolling countryside of Lawrence, KY, to the parents of John T. and Hattie Wash. As a graduate of the Kavanaugh Boarding School in Lawrenceburg, she later studied secretarial skills in Louisville, KY.

An accomplished secretary and administrative assistant, Ms. Holbeck served the food editor at McCall's Magazine (New York City) and the president of Van de Kamp's Foods (Log Angeles). For nearly 40 years, she was an administrative assistant to the dean of the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Law, and later for the CU Department of Linguistics. Most importantly, while at CU, she commenced and lead tirelessly a successful campaign to spare from destruction Woodbury Hall, one of the original, iconic red-brick buildings on the University of Colorado - Boulder quadrangle. The hall, today, is a nationally registered landmark.

In 2006, at 93 years of age, she elected to move from her residence in Boulder, CO, to a long-care facility in Bloomington, IN. Prior to her death in 2007, she became a devotee to Indiana University, tracking thoroughly the academy's academic, athletic, and musical activities. She, too, proudly learned and sang often IU's fight song!

Because of her enthusiasm for "everything IU," her trustee, Robert Harrison, professor at the Jacobs School of Music, established the Georgia Wash Holbeck Fellowship, forever to honor her extraordinary life, work, and her devotion to Indiana University Bloomington and its Jacobs School of Music.