International Harp Competition Fund

(est. 1988) The International Harp Competition was established to promote and foster the careers of gifted young harpists from throughout the world, as well as to promote the harp as a concert instrument, introduce the harp repertoire to a broader public, foster friendship and understanding among harpists worldwide, and encourage composers to write new works for the harp. It was founded in 1989 by celebrated harpist and teacher, Susann McDonald.

The USA International Harp Competition is open to harpists between the ages of 18 and 32 from all countries of the world. An independent screening committee of recognized harpists and harp instructors selects participants through audition tape screening. Contestants in the USA International Harp Competition are judged as young artists of concert standard, and are evaluated by the jury according to musicianship, technique, and artistic personality. Since the beginning of the competition, over 350 harpists from 29 countries have come to Bloomington to compete for the Gold Medal. The USA International Harp Competition helps emerging harpists to launch careers and awards prizes such as a Lyon & Healy Concert Grand Harp. The competition is held every three years.

The Fund provides unrestricted support for the International Harp Competition.