Historical Performance Institute Fund

HPIThe Historical Performance Institute, formerly known as the Early Music Institute, was founded in 1979 by Thomas Binkley. Today, it is one of the pioneering and leading institutions of its kind in the country. The HPI houses leading university faculties and period instrument and vocal ensembles, contributing to the field of historical performance. The HPI at the Jacobs School of Music offers many ensemble opportunities for its students: Baroque/Classical Orchestra, Recorder Consort, Viol Consort, and other ad-hoc groups.

The Historial Performance Institute is headed and directed by Dana Marsh. Its many faculties include Nigel North, Hsuan Chang, C. Keith Collins, Wendy Gillespie, Eric Hoeprich, Dawn Kalis, Barbara Kallaur, Kris Kwapis, Meg Owens, Linda Pearse, Steven Rickards, Stanley Ritchie, Richard Seraphinoff, and Elisabeth Wright.

Apart from its diverse offering of courses for its students, the HPI also hosts conferences dealing with historical performances frequently. The HPI is also equipped with an accessible and unrivalled collection of publications and recordings, as well as historical instruments, providing a full range of resources for its students, faculty, and scholars. In order to stay connected with each other, the HPI houses a student-led organization called Gamma Ut for current students and alumni of the HPI. The organization helps to inform and promote historically informed performances within the Jacobs and greater Bloomington community.

The Historical Performance Institute Fund exists with the generosity of multiple donors, and is used in general support of the Historical Performance Institute.