Perry J. Maull Friends of Music Travel Fund

Perry J. Maull is an IU graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and an MBA in Urban Transportation Management. He has served as the Operations Manager for the Indiana University Campus Bus Service since 2006. Maull is also a loyal member of the Society of the Friends of Music Board since 2015.

Maull was born in Hammond, Indiana, and was raised in Crown Point, Indiana. After graduating from IU and working at the Institute for Urban Transportation in Bloomington, Maull worked as the Director of Marketing, Planning, and Development for the Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority in Dayton, Ohio. Shortly after, he relocated to Melbourne, Florida, to be the Executive Director of the Brevard Transportation Authority. In 2006, Maull returned to Bloomington, and has served as the Operations Manager for the IU Campus Bus Service since then.

The Jacobs School of Music is honored to award the Perry J. Maull Student Travel Fund to support domestic and/or international travel for students in the Jacobs School of Music.