Achasa Beechler Music Scholarship Fund


Achasa Beechler, the daughter of Dr. Curtis Wesley and Mary Wilmina (Phillis) Beechler, was born March 18, 1878 in Butler, Indiana. After graduating from Butler High School, she attended Indiana University from 1896 to 1899. She made her home in Seattle, Washington, where she taught music and piano.

Miss Beechler had two younger brothers. One of them, Dr. Dale Xenophen Beechler (1885-1938) graduated from Indiana Dental College and, like their father, became a dentist. Before moving to Salem, Oregon in 1916, he had practiced dentistry for ten years in Garrett, Indiana. He married Lana M. Braun December 31, 1908 and they had three children: John R. Beechler (who died in childhood); George C. Beechler; and Vera L. (Beechler) Worthy.

Miss Beechler's other brother, Glenn Curtis Beechler (1881-1954), attended IU from 1899-1900 and received two degrees from the University of Michigan in 1904 and 1906. He practiced law in Indianapolis, Seattle, and New York, becoming a professor of law at the John Marshall School of Law in Jersey City, New Jersey (1948 -1950). Glenn married Clare Marie Sullivan March 21, 1925 and they had one daughter, Florence Phillis (Beechler) Steinfelder.

Upon her death in 1967, Miss Beechler established a trust to endow two scholarships (in music and education) at Indiana University. The Achasa Beechler Music Scholarship is awarded annually to worthy students enrolled at the IU Jacobs School of Music.