Cristini Friends of Music Scholarship Fund

Cesare Mario Cristini was a world-renowned set and costume desginer, and one of the most celebrated stage artists of the twentieth century who has garnered many coveted international awards. He joined the faculty of the Jacobs School of Music in 1959 as professor and resident scenic designer for the Indiana University Opera Theater, and served in that capacity until his death in 1970.

Cristini was born in Milan and came to the United States in 1959. Before becoming an opera set designer, he studied and taught art. In addition to designing sets at IU, he has worked for the San Carlo Opera Company, Rome Opera, Florence Festival, Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, Covent Garden in London, and Royal Theater in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Hiw widow, Inga Cristini, has chosen to honor his legacy as a supreme artist and teacher by giving almost 500 sketches of operatic scenes designed and drawn by Cristini during his career as stage designer at IU and other leading opera houses throughout the world to the IU Foundation for the benefit of the Society of the Friends of Music.

The sale of these designs fund the Cristini Friends of Music Scholarship.

The Jacobs School has benefitted greatly from Cesare Cristini's visionary output, and is honored to receive Cristini's continued support.