St. Luke's/Goulding & Wood Organ Scholarship

In April 2001, St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Indianapolis organized an organ recital to fund the St. Luke's UMC/Goulding and Wood Organ Scholarship for organ students at the Jacobs School of Music. The Organ faculty at Jacobs and three of their students performed in the recital, which successfully led to the establishment of the scholarship program.

St. Luke's houses an organ (Opus 33) with 80 ranks by Goulding & Wood, Inc. Goulding & Wood is one of the nation's leading organ manufacturers based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company was formed in 1980 when John Goulding and Thomas Wood joined forces to meet the needs of installing refined organs for the purpose of being used in worshiping congregations. By this point, Goulding had had more than 25 years of experience as an organbuilder. Wood brought his electrical engineering background along with his training in organ to the team. Wood had also led the electronic music laboratory, served as pipe organ curator, and completed restoration projects at Indiana University prior to focusing on Goulding & Wood, Inc.

The St. Luke's - Goulding & Wood Organ Scholarship seeks to support and encourage the professional growth of organ and church music students. The Jacobs School of Music is proud to award the St. Luke's - Goulding & Wood Organ Scholarship to graduate students majoring in Organ and/or Church Music.