Wayne Hackett Memorial Harp Scholarship Fund

HackettThe Wayne Hackett Memorial Harp Scholarship Fund was established in 1989 by George and Catherine McDonald, parents of Susann McDonald, Distinguished Professor of Harp at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. The fund is named in memory of Susann's late uncle.

Born in California on November 26, 1910, Wayne Hackett attended Occidental College in Eagle Rock, California, and studied law at Harvard University. He pursued a career as a general practice attorney and was greatly respected for his high standards of morality and integrity. On October 20, 1940 Mr. Hackett married Barbara Edwards. Remembering her husband, Mrs. Hackett said, "He was the most wonderful man I've ever known. Everyone who knew him admired and appreciated him for his noble character." Mr. and Mrs. Hackett frequently attended symphony concerts in Los Angeles. An amateur musician, Mr. Hackett enjoyed playing the recorder, especially with his older sister who was a doctor in Canton, China. As a result of his interest in art and architecture, Mr. Hackett made annual trips to Europe from 1956 until his death in 1988.

The Wayne Hackett Memorial Harp Scholarship is awarded annually to students majoring in harp at the IU Jacobs School of Music.