Georgina Joshi Recording Arts Studio Fund 

Louise E. Addicott-Joshi, mother of Georgina Joshi, established The Georgina Joshi Foundation Inc., in part, to support and benefit the students of the Jacobs School of Music and to support and encourage the School in its mission to promote excellence in music performance and music education.

The extension to the Musical Arts Center will provide the School with an opportunity to build a state-of-the art recording studio that will enhance educational opportunities for all Jacobs School students, provide artistic opportunities for faculty, and position the IU Jacobs School of Music Department of Audio Engineering and Sound Production as a world-wide leader in the field.

This space will be known as the Georgina Joshi Recording Arts Studio and will be located in the Musical Arts Center Extension of the Jacobs School of Music. Construction on the Musical Arts Center Extension, which will include the Georgina Joshi Recording Arts Studio, began in April of 2015 and was completed in the Fall of 2016.

The new extension of the Musical Arts Center, with its well-equipped Georgina Joshi Recording Arts Studio, will provide an environment for innovation, integration of technology, and connection to the worlds Indiana University serves, assuring our ability to offer the finest education in music and ballet anywhere in the world. But moreover, it will ensure that the School, her faculty, and the students they serve, will continue to be the ultimate classroom for students and a special experience for patrons for many years to come.