Nellie Woods Myers Scholarship

In 1997, David G. Woods was appointed Dean of the IU Jacobs School of Music. To honor his mother, he established the Nellie Woods Myers Scholarship Fund. Nellie Woods Myers was born in Valley Falls, Kansas in 1911. She was active as a violinist in the small Kansas community and performed in numerous orchestras and ensembles. Her love for music and life was instilled in her two children, Diana Woods Branaman and David. Her tireless efforts helped them both develop their talents and abilities in the musical arts.

Mrs. Myers was married to Francis T. Woods until his death in 1955. Francis Woods was a well-known trumpet player in northeast Kansas and performed professionally. Her second husband, Arlie M. Myers, was a devoted musician who played piano and organ. Throughout her life, Mrs. Myers has enjoyed music of all kinds. She supports the ongoing process of developing life-long skills in music and the life-long appreciation of the musical arts.

Mrs. Myers has lived most of her life in Topeka, where she has supported community arts groups. The Nellie Woods Myers Scholarship Fund is awarded annually to outstanding musicians in any field of the musical arts.