Samuel and Martha Siurua Scholarship Fund

Teaching has been a life-long commitment for both Sam and Martha. A native of Texas who grew up in Mississippi, Sam decided to become a music teacher during his sophomore year in high school. This continued as his focus, although interrupted by four years of service during World War II. Martha, a Kentuckian who grew up in Missouri, gave piano lessons as a teenager to neighborhood children and also served as a church organist. Sam earned his undergraduate and master's degrees from Chicago Musical College. Martha earned a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Missouri and later received her bachelor of music degree from Chicago Musical College. After college, they both devoted their careers to teaching music at the elementary, secondary, and college levels.

Their education was aided by scholarships, and in the same spirit, the Siurua's established The Samuel and Martha Siurua Scholarship Fund. Martha remarked, "We wanted future generations of students to have the same scholarship opportunities we had. There are so many factors affecting students and families today, that we hope that this scholarship will ease the financial burden of studying in what we consider to be the best School of Music."

Sam obtained his doctorate of music from IU in 1961. The Siurua's continued to stay involved with IU's Jacobs School of Music by attending performances, meeting with both national and international students attending the school, and sharing their love for IU and Jacobs with others.

The Jacobs School of Music is honored to award The Samuel and Martha Siurua Scholarship to students majoring in violin, viola, or cello at the Jacobs School.