Charles W. Slinkard Music Scholarship

Charles W. "Chuck" Slinkard enjoyed music, reading, and sailing. He started in 1959 as an advertising assistant with the Selmer Co. and served as Selmer's district manager in Indiana and Michigan. In 1964, he was named sales promotion manager for Selmer's merchandise department. He left Selmer in 1969 to work in New York. After working further in Europe, Slinkard came back to the U.S. where he worked as a sales manager for E.K. Blessing.

In 1985, he founded American Way Marketing Inc., a company distributing wind instruments and band accessories. He served as President of American Way Marketing Inc. until his death in 2002. The Charles W. Slinkard Music Scholarship was established in order to honor and memorialize Charles Slinkard.

Each year the Jacobs School is proud to award the Charles W. Slinkard Music Scholarship to students majoring in woodwind or brass instruments.