Robert E. Williams Singing Hoosiers Scholarship

Robert E. Williams received his bachelor of science degree in music in 1956 and master of arts degree in speach and theater in 1964, both from Indiana University Bloomington.

Robert E. Williams served as accompanist for The Singing Hoosiers from 1954-57 and as the International President of The Singing Hoosiers Alumni Council from 1990-95. He gives credit to The Singing Hoosiers and to George F. Krueger, founding conductor, for shaping his daily work ethic. Williams is a recipient of the Singing Hoosiers Distinguished Alumni Award.

As a pianist, Williams released four albums, including Can't Get "Hoagy" Off My Mind", featuring songs by Hoagy Carmichael. Along with his wife, Pat, he has performed a Hoagy Carmichael concert tour and presentation for the Indiana University Alumni Association at various chapters around the country.

Robert and Patricia Williams wish to support the performers of Singing Hoosiers who entertain and represent Indiana University in such a positive way through the Robert E. Williams Singing Hoosier Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to members of the Singing Hoosiers who have been in the group for at least two years.