Janet Corday Won Memorial Fund


Janet Corday Won, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Prime Corday, was born in Syracuse, New York on January 12, 1931. At a very early age, Won demonstrated her intellectual and creative abilities. Through her grade school and high school years, she was chosen for solo performances in singing, tap dancing, acting, pantomime, and piano. She graduated with honors from Syracuse University College of Fine Arts School of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree in piano. Upon graduation she went on to teach piano at All Saints College in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Already a brilliant musician but wishing to further her musical accomplishments, Won left All Saints College to attend Indiana University. Won received her Master of Music degree from Indiana University in 1957, where she also won the prestigious Performers Award. She spent time touring with her husband Kyung-Soo Won, a violinist, before she began teaching again, this time at Winnetka North Shore Music Center in Chicago, Illinois. Won's distinguished career as an educator and performer was cut short when she died in 1961.

The Janet Corday Won Memorial Scholarship Fund was established through the efforts of Indiana University Professor Sidney Foster in memory of his student. This scholarship is awarded to students at the Jacobs School of Music whose area of study is piano or music education.