Faculty FAQ

Faculty FAQ

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How do I hire new/temporary staff?

Anyone who will be working as a counselor, student instructor, administrative assistant, etc. must be hired by the Hourly Payroll Office: jsompay@indiana.edu and must have an updated background check on file. Please complete the Intent to Hire form (Click HERE to download) in which includes their name, intended position, and desired rate of pay (if you know), and send it by email to jsompay@indiana.edu. This hiring procedure is for hourly staff only and does not include those already on Faculty at the Jacobs School of Music.

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Where do I send NEPRF (Non Employee Payment Request Form) forms?

Complete the Intent to Hire Form (Click HERE to download) email to Rashul Sartoris at rsartori@iu.edu.

  • Once the NEPRF has been received, Stephanie will contact the guest directly for additional details; she will copy you on this correspondence.
  • The Business Office will send the contract and obtain the Purchase Order for the honorarium payment.
  • The Business office will arrange the hotel, limo, and flight, if needed (please note this on the NEPRF)
  • The Business office will collect receipts and process the reimbursement to the traveler. 
  • *All instructions for non-employee guests above are standard procedure for both domestic and international guests. Visa types for international guests will be verified to ensure compliance with immigration and tax law as well as Indiana University Policy.

      • Please list the visa type for any international visitors on the NEPRF
      • Do not obtain passport, visa, or SSN information from your guests.
        • If any additional forms or information is needed in order to process international payments, Stephanie will contact the guest directly with the required forms.
      • For more information on passports and visas, please click http://ois.iu.edu/faculty-visas/index.shtml.


Where can I ask questions about counselor payment?

Contact email: jsompay@indiana.edu

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Where do I make/verify room reservations?

Contact email: musched@indiana.edu.
(Reservations for classrooms, studios, performance halls, and practice rooms)


Where do I request lockers for my students?

Contact email:  somfac@indiana.edu Locker reservations are made through the facilities office JSoM Facilities Website

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How do I learn more about Programs Involving Children (PIC)?

For more information about University policies and requirements for Programs Involving Children (PIC), please see this website: CLICK HERE.

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How do I get a parking pass?

Parking passes always have to be ordered in advance. Please remember to let us know if your guest artists or faculty are going to need an EMP pass. These are charged to your workshop account. Workshop attendees may purchase passes for the Jordan parking garage (EMP) on their workshop application. HOWEVER, if a participant is staying in Willkie we strongly urge they ask for a CH pass. CH passes are free and they may park in any CH lot on campus including the one for Read across the street.

You may contact Teresa Price if you have questions regarding parking passes, teprice@indiana.edu

For the parking operations website, CLICK HERE. contact email: parking@indiana.edu

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How do I get a food permit?

If you are planning a reception, ice cream social, to serve coffee or popsicles on campus you MUST submit a Temporary Food Permit We have an online application available. For the application, CLICK HERE.

A copy of the approval form should be forwarded to the Facilities office at somfac@indiana.edu.

For more information about food permits, CLICK HERE.

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