Greetings From Alums

"Edward Auer's workshop was a wonderful experience for me. The small amount of participants created an environment where faculty huimembers can teach students scrupulously. Edward Auer inspired me greatly, and faculty member Jerome Lowenthal brought life to the workshop!"

Anson Hui
2014 Edward Auer Summer Piano Workshop
Concerto Competition Winner

"The Edward Auer Piano Workshop is truly a wonderful opportunity for any pianist who has a genuine desire to delve deeper itangnto music and performance. My own experience with the workshop has been wonderful. I was able to meet great professors from other music schools who offered new perspectives in music. The competitions and masterclasses that are held during the workshop work together in a way that makes it a more intimate and relaxed learning experience because the professors never stop to give suggestions on how to improve. Most of all, to study with Mr. and Mrs. Auer is something to look forward to, because they care so much about helping students to find some sort of spark in their own music making."

Arthur Tang
2015 Edward Auer Summer Piano Workshop
Concerto Competition Winner

yichen liang"Edward Auer Piano Workshop is definitely a life changing experience for me. Before the workshop, I was thinking about quitting practicing piano since I'm studying as a music education major. However, Mr. and Mrs. Auer gave me the motivation to move on.

Studying with Mr. and Mrs. Auer is a journet of inspiration. They inspire you to be your own and encourage you to interpret the music in your own original way. Furthermore, you will meet a lot of wonderful musicians in the workshop, and some of them may become your lifelong friends. Both the workshop and the people related to the workshop mean a lot to me.

I participated in the 2015 workshop online because of schedule conflicts, and it was a wonderful experience. I was glad that I could share my opinion with other musicians when watching the masterclasses live online."

Yichen Liang
Online Participant of the 2015 Summer Workshop
Participant of the 2014 Summer Workshop

9-12 Master Class: