Edward Auer and Junghwa Moon Auer

Director and Coordinator, Edward Auer Summer Piano Workshop

Winter 2020 Workshop

As most entrance auditions occur in the first part of the year, winter can be a crucial season for music students. The Edward Auer Winter Piano Workshop offers opportunities to meet and study with different professors from top music schools and conservatories. We are dedicated to preparing our participants to succeed in the next stage of their study. The program will feature master classes  (one by each professor), two individual lessons, and one mock audition experience where you will receive comments and feedback!

Our purpose is to help you reach a better level than ever before - so realize that advance preparation is the key! Be as ready as you know how to BEFORE our Workshop; only in that way will you profit fully from it!

  • Specially tailored for preparation for the auditioning experience
  • Master classes, one by each professor, including conversation about how to prepare a good audition or performance
  • Two Individual lessons
  • One mock audition experience
Faculty Members:
2020 Guest Artists: