Jeff Nelsen

Director, Fearless Performance for Musicians
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Fearless Performance Seminar


Get Fearless!

You are working too hard to not get to share your best version of yourself in performance!

Imagine thinking, "I get to perform!"  right before walking onstage. 

Fearless Performance for Musicians seminar gives you the tools and experiences so you can treat yourself well backstage and onstage.  When you can do this, you can perform your best.

You have dreams.  You have goals.  You must perform to reach them.

Jeff Nelsen got tired of walking out on stage feeling scared.  Even worse, he hated walking offstage knowing he could have performed way better.  He knew he had just nailed it an hour before the actual performance.

Jeff has been obsessed with closing the quality gap between what we can do and what we actually do in performance situations.  He figured it out, and consistently walks into performances with excitement to share what he's about to perform.

His solutions are simple.  His ways of saying the solutions are many, funny, story-filled, witty, and inspirational.

At FLPfM you will learn how to get over yourself and focus on being present and playing as well as you know you can!  Come learn about your fears, how to replace them, and most importantly experience doing so.  Through the special way Jeff runs this seminar, you will also contribute to your new friends' fearlessness too.

Everyone performs.  Everyone has fun.  Everyone leaves more EAGER to perform.

Come to learn how to perform better on stage.  Leave knowing what you do onstage shows how you choose to live your life.

"A person's music can never be any more or less than the person they are."
    - N. Boulanger

Nothing shapes your life more than the quality of your choices.  At this Fearless Performance for Musicians seminar, you will learn how to consistenly choose well.

Fearless Performance For Musicians is open to professionals, amateurs, students, and teachers interested in becoming fearless performers.



* Participants must be at least 18 years old at the start of the workshop.
* Auditors must be 18 or older and do not participate in the workshop

   No audition process for entry into seminar.