College Audition Preparation

College Audition Preparation


Participant Comments

Thank you so much for that great week at Indiana. You taught me so many things that I would not have been able to think of by myself. Your ways of teaching me proper airflow, as well as other ways of becoming a better player have GREATLY benefited me. After CAP, I came back with such a great tone. I never thought that I would be able to play that well until I was well into college. Because of you (as well as the IU faculty), I'm becoming the player that I've dreamed to be.

- Jeff-

Really helpful. I feel prepared and excited for college auditions. 

- Katrina- Tenor Trombone, CA

I came here grasping for knowledge and I left with not only newfound knowledge but with much more confidence!

 - Emily- Voice 

Helped center my focus for what I need to do in the months ahead. 

- Ian-  French Horn, IL

I enjoyed my time at CAP and am glad that I came. I learned a lot about auditioning for colleges and now feel much more prepared for future music auditions.

- Annamaria-  Clarinet, IN

Thanks to CAP, I feel more comfortable about any audition room I step into in the future.

- Anna- Voice

CAP is such a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Not only did I grow in my music, but I made life-long friendships.

- Chandler- Voice

 Simply amazing. Everyone interested in music should go to this.

- Iain-  Bassoon, FL

You’re surrounded by people [who] have goals on the same level as yours and a similar work ethic. The teachers are there to help you achieve exactly what you want. Overall, it was a great musical and fun experience in a great environment.

-Amanda- Voice

CAP gave me the information I needed most from those who know it best.

- Andrew-  French Horn, MD

Attending the CAP program was the best decision I made while preparing myself for my college audition. The professors at IU are some of the best in the country and I learned a lot of helpful information about my instrument, auditioning and attending a school of music.

- Sarah-  Bassoon, DE

The CAP program allowed me to learn new practice techniques that will aid me in future years.

- Kevin-  Bassoon, NC

CAP really helped me remember why I song and why I want singing [for] a career in some way. I improved tremendously in just 6 days and became more confident in my performing and auditioning. If you have college auditions to prepare for, this is a great program to go to.

- Alice Ann- Voice

This week has changed my life! CAP has reassured my decision in choosing a career in music!

- Catherine-  Bass Trombone, OH

I can't believe how much I've grown musically in just one week. The lessons are phenomenal, and the master classes, amazing. CAP has motivated me to practice harder and become the musician I dream of becoming.

- Jackie-  Trombone, IA

This experience changed the way I think about music in general. I no longer feel like simply following notes and phrases but actually telling a story and compelling the audience to feel what I’m saying through my music.

- Sarah- Voice

CAP was a great experience that has really prepared me for all of my college auditions. I can't wait to apply all that I have learned.

- Allison-  Euphonium, CA

It was amazing! CAP was awesome! - Jeremy Bolin, Clarinet, TN

I loved it!

- Phoebe-  Flute, VA

Great experience, had lots of fun and learned a ton.

- Adam-  Tuba, MN

CAP has changed the way I think about playing and practicing.

- Andrew-  Tuba, MO

At CAP, each professor and staff member was so eager to work with me and to help me grow as a musician. I became much more confident in my ability to perform and audition. I would recommend this program to any young musician wanting to learn more about the audition process. It was very helpful.

- Grace- Voice

Fun and very rewarding. It was a joy to work with Mr. Perantoni.

- Dale-  Tuba, OR

CAP changed the way I look at music and motivated me to work even harder for my auditions.

- David-  Trombone, WI

CAP is a great opportunity to work one-on-one with the IU faculty. You will leave well prepared for any audition.

- Evan-  Saxophone, MI

It was amazing! I met so many awesome people from all over and the musical experience was fantastic. I grew as a person and a musician during the week.

- Abbey-  Horn, IN

CAP gave me the confidence to succeed in an audition.

- Jacob-  Percussion, California

By far, CAP was the most rewarding musical experience I have encountered.

- Lauren-  French Horn, New Jersey

I enjoyed the camp a lot and found the comments on my playing very helpful.

- Evan-  Alto Saxophone, Washington

CAP was a fantastic program, with incredible positive direction.

- Gunner-  Clarinet, New Jersey

It was really great and I learned a lot about auditioning. I am now not as scared to audition for college. It was really fun and I made great friends.

- Samantha-  Bassoon, Colorado

I had a great time and grew in my musicianship greatly.

- Robert-  Tuba, Ohio

CAP was an extremely valuable experience as a musician. It was a very productive week and now I feel beyond prepared for the audition process at almost any school.

- Michael-  Trombone, Indiana

CAP gave me the confidence to audition at more competitive schools. The professors are very demanding but also friendly and encouraging, and the week was amazing!

- Rebekah-  Clarinet, Indiana

It's a great way to work with the faculty, and find out what auditioning is all about.

- Matthew-  Trombone, Michigan

I felt getting lessons from the actual professors everyday was the best part. Also, getting audition information from lots of different professors and learning valuable music-related skills was very enriching.

- Jenny-  Flute, California

CAP possesses great instruction, a humble environment, and a vast opportunity for outstanding friendship. I could not possibly think of a better way to prepare for my college auditions.

- Gennaro-  Clarinet, Illinois

A most educational experience. The program inspired me to really go for it.

- Laci-  Trombone, Texas

CAP showed me what it would be like to be a music major for a week and improved my playing tremendously.

- Tanner-  Tenor Saxophone, Indiana

An intense learning experience.

- Kayleigh-  Trombone, Illinois

Good experience. I learned a lot and had fun.

- Harrison-  Clarinet, Georgia

CAP is a very rewarding and enriching educational experience.

- Sally-  Bassoon, Delaware

I can honestly say I have never learned so much so quickly. This camp was invaluable in the decision of what to do with my life.

-Patrick-  Trumpet, Indiana

Spending a week with outstanding professors, counselors, and other musicians really impacted me and motivated me to continue maturing as a musician. CAP also provided me with great tips for auditioning and practicing in the future.

- Sarah-  Flute, Illinois

Professor Rommel was great! He really helped me get a great sense of sound, and positive thought. It's been wonderful.

- Timothy-  Trumpet, Ohio

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