Music Clinic


Band and Orchestra

Auditions take place on the first day of Summer Music Clinic. All students will audition for band or orchestra regardless of instrument.  Students should prepare the following materials for their audition:

  1. A short (2-4 minute) excerpt of a solo or etude that highlights the student’s technical playing

  2. A short (2-4 minute) excerpt of a solo or etude that highlights the student’s lyrical playing

  3. Major scales

  4. Students may be asked to sight-read

Percussionists should prepare:

  1. Snare Drum Solo or Etude (Cirone, Peters, or similar)

  2. 2- or 4-Mallet Keyboard Solo or Etude (Goldenberg, Ford, Musser, or similar)

  3. Timpani Solo or Etude (Firth, Peters, or similar)

Jazz Ensemble

Along with band and orchestra, the Summer Music Clinic features two jazz ensembles. Interested students may audition for the jazz ensembles after their band/orchestra audition. Auditions consist of sight-reading that will be selected from the music to be performed.

Although it is completely optional, students may also choose to demonstrate their improvisational skills during the audition.  Students choosing to improvise will be asked to feature their ability in one of the following ways:

  1. Improvise a solo over an accompaniment provided by compact disc.
    Please note that students choosing this option must provide their own compact disc
    (a compact disc player will be provided)

  2. Improvise an unaccompanied solo over a 12 bar blues in F (concert).

Students auditioning on drum set will be asked to play sixteen bars of each of the following styles: swing ballad (w/brushes) at 80 bpm, funk at 110 bpm, swing at 110bpm and 144bpm, bossa nova at 144 bpm, and jazz waltz at 168 bpm. Drum set players may also be asked to sight read.

Honors Recital

The annual Honors Recital features solo performances by the Summer Music Clinic’s most outstanding string, woodwind, brass, percussion, and piano students.
Those interested in auditioning for the Honors Recital should prepare a memorized prepared solo taken from the classical or standard repertoire that lasts no longer than seven minutes.

Longer pieces with cuts will be accepted as long as the total performance time does not exceed seven minutes.  Students are urged to consult teachers and coaches for advice and help.

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