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We offer these selected testimonials from former Piano Academy students and faculty:

"Your Piano Academy last year revolutionized my son's life and music. For the first time in his life he was exposed to exceptional training by a distinguished faculty. True to his style, he took it all in like a sponge. It was at the Piano Academy that he learned to understand and integrate a composer's intent with the notes in a particular piece.
Today he got first place in a competition at University of Buffalo. The judge congratulated all the students... and further explained that the winners were set apart by how well they communicated the music--excitement, lyrical, etc. Thanks to the Piano Academy for getting my son started on this pathway."

- an 2007 alum's parent.

"I am eternally grateful for everything I learned and experienced during my 3 summers with all of you and am thrilled to see that the program is still going strong after all this time. I grew a great deal musically and personally during my summers at IU and feel like I can remember every minute of those 9 weeks. I send my best wishes to you and hope that everything continues to go well for you and the piano academy."

- an Academy alum from '89, '90, and '92.

"I feel that my summer in Indiana has really pushed and motivated me to find new opportunities to expand my musical education. One aspect of Indiana that I really enjoyed was getting the opportunity to work with so many different piano teachers and professors. This year, I have sought to get a variety of opinions on my playing.
I'm very excited about the improvements I have made to my playing this year, and I want to thank you: I don't think I would have achieved nearly as much this year...if I had not been in Indiana last summer. I think one of the best things about IUPA was that it really showed me how much I can still grow as a pianist and musician, while encouraging me to pursue that growth instead of discouraging me."

- an '09 alum

"Each unique event and musical opportunity at IUPA helped me to realize what an important role music plays in my life, [particularly] the many opportunities to listen to my friends' performances....
Although I have never in my life been this serious and thoughtful about my own future, I feel like I can be that passionate now..... I am now much more motivated to practice and "make progress". I'm very excited already thinking about hopefully attending Piano Academy again next year, so please look forward to much progress in my piano playing. I will try my best to become a much improved, completely different performer! Thank you SO much!"

- an '09 alum

"The dream, the love of music that formed in me during my three summers there has guided me ever since."

- a three-time Academy alum

"Thank you so much for helping to give me such an incredible camp experience. When I came home last night and played my piano I felt like a different player and person! I am so much more excited to make music now that I have all these new tools."

- an '09 alum

". . . attending your program for three weeks has dramatically increased her knowledge of piano music (and also other music she heard at evening concerts).
In addition to her learning so much from all of you related to the pieces she is working on, practice tips, etc. she also had the unusual opportunity to experience different teaching styles and personalities (most programs I am familiar with assign one teacher to each student for the duration). This was a great experience for her.
I have observed in her playing since she got home, that she learned a lot there from all of her teachers, that she appears more confident and says she learned to enjoy practicing more... She is really motivated to work on her college audition repertoire, and writing a couple of music analytic papers she will need for some of her college applications."

- mother of a PA '09 alumna who hopes to become a musicologist & theorist

"The students who played for me were just wonderful. They were well prepared, serious and enthusiastic. I have been telling [my spouse, a faculty member of piano] what a fantastic experience that I had."

- a guest master teacher

"I truly believe IUPA was exactly what i needed in order to further my classical adventure. . .
I must say you had a DYNAMIC set of faculty and counselors and I am so grateful of their guidance. . ."

- an '09 alum

"It was just great to see you and all that you've created for so many young aspiring pianists.
We are so grateful that our son had the chance to experience it. He learned and enjoyed it so much! It was everything and more than I expected it would be. Thank you! . . "

- mother of an an '08 alum

"My parents and I truly appreciate the life-changing opportunity you gave me by letting me go to IUPA '09! The good of IUPA is still sinking in and manifesting itself in new ways. . ."

- an '09 alum

". . . I really felt like I learned a lot at this camp. And I noticed that all of the faculty were interested in us as individuals and were interested in helping our future. I really appreciated that, especially since I have been to other camps before and I can honestly that this is not true of every camp. Again, thank you for making the experience a joy, I know you went through a lot of work to make that happen. . ."

- an '09 alum

". . . He had an incredible experience. I was very concerned he would return home completely intimidated by some of the amazing talent at the academy, but instead he came back with strong motivation to become better!!!. . ."

- mother of an '08 alum

". . . I remember it coming at a pivotal moment in my development as a pianist. It played such an important part in my decision to continue with piano as a career. It is funny how many people I still run into from IUPA (Especially at Juilliard and Eastman!). Make sure to keep in touch."

- a 2000 or '01 alum

"I still remember my experience [at the academy] fondly, more fondly than any other summer I spent making music (which was every summer). Your program was one of the highlights of my education and something I will always carry with me. I want to thank you one more time for that..."

- a piano academy alum

"What a wonderful experience she had, thanks to you, your staff and the other students....[The Piano Academy] has strengthened her love of music and passion for performing."

- parents of a recent student

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