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Guitar Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect each week

Every lesson will target different areas important for the development of the student's skills and musicianship. These include technical exercises assigned individually according to the student's level and meant to develop muscular control and agility as well as fluid music reading skills. New Material: New pieces, songs or passages to learn. Old Material: Music to polish, perfect or memorize. Additional assignments such as duets, composition, improvisation, sight-reading, or listening. 

Lesson attendance

It is crucial for students to attend every scheduled lesson. The schedule will be created before the first week of the current semester. The instructor will coordinate with students and parents to find a time they can commit to for the entire semester. Once the lesson time is assigned, it is expected that it will stay the same through the semester. Changes in the schedule are usually impossible due to the large enrollment in the program. In special cases the instructor will do his/her best to assign a different time for lesson, but usually the options are very limited. 

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Make-up classes and refunds

The instructor is obligated to make up all the lessons missed due to his/her absence. However, the instructor will not be obligated to make up unexcused absences. If the student or parent does not notify the instructor of their inability to attend at least 24 hours before the assigned lesson time, the absence is considered unexcused. A maximum of one excused absence, where the instructor is notified at least 24 hours in advance, may be made up during the current semester. The times for make-up lessons will be assigned by the instructor based on his/her availability and may fall on the weekend as the only option. Because of the intense teaching schedule making-up of all the missed lessons is not guaranteed.

In case of serious illness or other circumstances preventing the student from continuing lessons during the semester, a refund can be issued or credit for lessons can be given for the following semester. In such cases the director of the program should be notified as soon as parents are aware of the situation. Cases will be analyzed by the Pre-College Guitar committee before a final decision is made as to a refund.

Full refunds will be given only within the first week of the semester. After that there will be 25% reduction of the full amount paid for each following week. After the end of the fourth week, no refunds will be issued except in cases falling under the descriptions above.

All make-up lessons must be completed within the currently enrolled semester.

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Parent's presence at lessons

We recommend that students in first and second grade have a parent present for the duration of the lesson or available for "touching base" at the beginning and the end of each lesson to optimize home practice. Some children receive extra benefit from having parents attend lessons on a weekly basis, while others prefer to have their teacher "all to themselves. 

Practice Routine

A set time every day helps establish practice as part of a child's routine. Some students thrive on morning practice, while others do best after school or even right before bedtime. The length of practice sessions will be determined by the instructor based on the individual students' needs.

As a parent, your support will shift with time, but your emotional support is always essential. Organizing your child's practice, telling what to play and how many times, helping with counting and note-reading, and calling attention to dynamics or phrasing will all be part of your role. If you are new to music yourself, learn alongside your child. Make music a family affair.

Students 12 and older are expected to be responsible for their own practice. You can remind them of their decisions, but it is not in the best interest of budding teenagers to "make" them practice. For music to really work for adolescents, it must be something that comes from desire within. Students of all ages, however, need you to applaud and encourage their efforts. Be an appreciative audience. Let them know how proud you are of their efforts and progress. 

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Where to go/parking
  • Where should I park?
    Much of the parking at Indiana University is by permit only. If you are parked illegally you will be ticketed and towed. Indiana University Parking Operations and the City of Bloomington will be monitoring the all permit lots on a continuous basis. It is a safety hazard and illegal under University Policy. Please use one of the many surrounding parking lots, or purchase a parking permit. We appreciate your compliance with this rule.

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  • Which permit should I buy?
    You can obtain a parking permit for as little as $27.00.
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