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Seventh Guitar Academy Festival and Ensemble Workshop
May 29 - May 31, 2020

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Jacobs Guitar Academy 

Spring 2020

January 13  - May 1, 2020


For Adults, Youth and the Young at Heart   

Jacobs Guitar Academy is a complete, community-oriented program, which serves the varied interests of all guitar lovers in Bloomington and beyond, regardless of age,  education, or musical background. Our aim is to nurture our community's growing passion for instrumental study and active involvement with music.

childThe Academy admits guitar enthusiasts of every type and level! Whether you recently acquired your first guitar and are eager to start lessons, or are a lifelong devotee of the instrument, whether you're just getting the basics down or an intensely dedicated player planning to pursue music professionally, there is a place for you at the Guitar Academy! 
  Adult woman
We welcome everyone! The Academy offers a complete musical and instrumental formation, from instruction in fundamentals to advanced guidance in interpretation and techniques for complete mastery of the instrument. Through individual and group instruction, students can explore a fascinating array of guitar styles and discover which one best suits their interests. Whatever your passion is - be it one of the established classical guitar traditions, pop, rock, flamenco, or blues- we can help you take your playing to the next level. 

The Youth division offers private lessons of varying length, taught in person or remotely, to suit students' individual circumstances and levels of commitment, as well as supplementary ensemble/group classes.

TrioParticipants in the Adult division may choose between private lesson packages of varying size and an array of group classes devoted to specific musical styles. Classes of many advancement levels are available.

At the end of each year, the students are presented a Certificate of Completion from the Jacobs School of Music. For students moving to college enrollment, the Certificate is not only a record of acheivement for the year, but it is also a valuable reference for a college application process, showing the student's extracurricular activities and aquisition of artistic abilities regardless of the major area they choose to explore.

Our distance education capabilities through IU's video conferencing system enable us to offer high-quality instruction to people who do not reside near Bloomington and are unable to come to the Jacob School regularly for lessons.
The Academy presents opportunities! Festivals with guest artists, master classes, shows, recitals collaborations, weekly ensemble rehearsals, grow your interest with other amateur or professional players, dancers and artists.

Bloomington Classical Guitar Society (BCGS) has played a crucial role for the birth of the Academy. All the BCGS members are honored with 5% discount of the classes and sessions offered through JGA.

“The collaboration of forces between BCGS and the former Pre - College Guitar program lead to the largest guitar family in Bloomington and planted the roots of this newly organized Jacobs School of Music contemporary guitar program under the nameBCGS Jacobs Guitar Academy. These changes broaden much further our program and its possibilities, and  while the name represents that we are more than a pre-college program, we are still focused on the needs of the serious student hoping to enroll in a  collegiate guitar program. We look forward to continuing to foster serious fundamental study in classical guitar while expanding our offerings in other styles and genres to people of all age groups.”

Dr. Atanas Tzvetkov