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Hear (and see) the Violin Virtuosi perform!

Circling Around (2006) is a Documentary focused on the personal journeys of the Violin Virtuosi as students, musicians and friends as they study with the String Academy at Indiana University.

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Mimi Zweig String Pedagogy

String Academy Director Mimi Zweig provides valuable tips for string teachers of all levels, string students, string pedagogy students, and parents!

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"Just wanted to say how lovely yesterday evening was, and how great it was to see you again. You must have felt very proud!"

--Ariane Todes
Editor, Strad Magazine

"AWESOME!  Such an extraordinary experience for us all.  Thank YOU Mimi for your inspiration  in the creation of this amazing young people's program and the diligence in the guiding of so very many Violin Virtuosi over these many years of four seasons!  They were simply marvelous and the audience seemed transported. Congratulations to you ALL!!"

--David Jacobs

"The event was really inspiring--of course the preparation, skill and talent of all those young players was extremely impressive, but their evident enjoyment of performing, and love for the music, ease in the exchange of creative, musical impulse in the moment, were the elements that made the concert so special. They are so lucky (as I was and lots of generations now!) to have such a brilliant and creative teacher." 

--Marka Gustavsson
Former String Academy student

"As always, I am continually impressed with the work you do with these wonderful kids! I thoroughly enjoyed the concert yesterday and wish you the very best for success in New York!"

--Eric Kim
IU Professor of Cello

"Just wanted to send a note of thanks to the members of the Virtuosi for the wonderful recital yesterday afternoon. My wife and I live on the south side of Bloomington and it's a joy to be only a five-minute drive away from the recitals and programs of the Jacobs School of Music. I often try to drop in on a number of the recitals that play throughout the year, but this one turned out to be a special treat. I wasn't even aware of the String Academy until this concert. From the opening Vivaldi concerto, I was intensely moved by the performance. I remarked how they played with such enthusiasm, energy, expression, and simply plain fun. Congratulations on the upcoming Carnegie Hall appearance."

--Timothy Bannister
Bloomington resident